Jezreel Gatmaitan

Web Developer

Welcome to my portfolio! I specialize in Laravel and ReactJS web development. Whether it's a simple website or an advanced web application, I bring your digital vision to life. Let's collaborate and create something amazing together.

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About me

I'm Jezreel and I have nearly 3 years of experience in web development, focusing on Laravel and ReactJS. I have experience building fast and effective backends, APIs, and user-friendly interfaces. I understand web development principles, design, and user experience. I enjoy taking on new challenges and using Agile methodologies and Git to deliver creative solutions. Let's work together to bring your digital ideas to reality!


Technologies Used


A widely used server-side scripting language for web development. It offers flexibility, scalability, and a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.

Laravel Framework (PHP)

A popular PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and powerful features, simplifying web application development.

React JS

A JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces with reusable components, enabling efficient rendering and state management.

Bootstrap & Material UI

A widely-used front-end framework, providing a collection of CSS and JavaScript components for responsive web design.

Laravel Nova

A user-friendly backend administration panel built on Laravel, streamlining data management in Laravel applications.


A reliable and scalable open-source relational database management system for storing and retrieving data in web applications.


HTML defines the structure of web pages, while CSS provides styling and layout, enhancing the visual appearance.


A distributed version control system used to track changes in source code during software development.

Professional Skills

Mastering Modern Web Technologies: Harnessing Laravel, ReactJS, and More for Seamless Solutions.


Web Development


CMS Development


Database Management


Knowledge of Project Management Frameworks


Top Projects

Contributed to the success of the following projects

DTI Region 12 Online platform

Contributed to developing an online platform allowing citizens from Region 12, Philippines to access Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) services like sales promotion and more.

Clientwise Web App

Contributed to development the Clientwise Smart Tool web app, efficiently managing annulment cases and incorporating subscription management functionalities.

Staff Management Web App

Contributed to the development of Legna Care, a staff management system streamlining the hiring process for home care nursing.

Subscription Management System

Contributed to the development of the Ophir Mortuary Project, The system has subscription management and Payment processing.

Colleagues Feedback

Louie Glen Dalida

She's a fantastic coworker. I would describe her as a well-organized and smart someone who works well under duress. She's a good decision-maker and someone you can trust.

Philip Calub

She's a positive person who sees setbacks as opportunities to learn and improve. She believes that there is always a creative solution to a problem, and she enjoys finding it.

Agustin Jay Consulation

Observing her, I can say that all of the back-end activities are proficient. She is capable of completing the task on schedule.

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